• SMART cities efficient innovative that make the city smart (in French)

    Institut de l'entreprise

  • City innovative business collaboration


    Conducted between 2010 and 2014, the WBCSD Urban infrastructure Initiative (UII) was an innovative global project that contributed to setting the framework for city-business collaboration at the early planning stage and demonstrated the role of business as a strategic partner to help cities turn their ambitious sustainability visions into reality.

  • Smarter cities for smarter growth


  • Asset management of a city (in Spanish)

    Federacion Municipios Madrid

  • Mapping smart cities in the EU

    European Parliament

    This report was commissioned to provide background information and advice on Smart Cities in the European Union (EU) and to explain how existing mechanisms perform. In exploring this, a working definition of a Smart City is established and the cities fitting this definition across the Member States aremapped. An analysis of the objectives and Europe 2020 targets of Smart City initiatives finds that despite their early stage of development, Smart City objectives should be more explicit, well defined and clearly aligned to city development, innovation plans and Europe 2020 in order to be successful.