Title: Smart city.brussels
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Categories: None
Population: 1,100,000 | HDI: 0.88 | Annual budget: None | Expenditure per capita: None | Source of the socio-economic indicators: None

Date Published: March 29, 2018, 8:46 a.m.


s the Belgian capital and the centre of administration of the European Union, the Brussels-Capital Region aspires to become a digital hub, too. The purpose of its smart city strategy is integrating new technologies into everyday life while also focusing on research and innovation. That is the goal of smartcity.brussels.The regional government has set out the main orientations in its Accord on regional majority 2014-2019 :As digital hub :Integrating new technologies into all areas of communal life, including governance, education, health, digital services for businesses, smart mobility and safetyPursuing the development of the digital communication infrastructure (optical fibre network, wireless network)Rolling out e-government furtherAs research and innovation region :Developing partnerships between education, public institutions and the business communityCreating advanced technology centres to train people in high-value technology jobsSmartcity.brussels is everyone's concern :Everyone is invited to get involved : citoyen, entreprise, association…,Public bodies (such as communes and regional bodies) also participate through concrete initiatives.