Title: Payment of taxes for taxi transportation by mobile phone via Orange Money
Location: Abidjan
Categories: None
Population: 4,700,000 | HDI: 0.4 | Annual budget: None | Expenditure per capita: None | Source of the socio-economic indicators: None

Date Published: May 11, 2018, 12:25 p.m.


hanks to the Orange money platform, the Autonomous District of Abidjan launched a series of taxis equipped with an electronic payment system, a real meter allowing customers to have access to pricing information and a GPS system that can provide geolocation in case of danger. This project follows discussions within the Uraia platform and aims to collect taxi taxes via mobile banking. The main objectives are to avoid drivers to waste time and money to go to the routine municipal controls, to ensure payers transparency in the circulation of financial flow and to facilitate and significantly improve tax collection for the district. Therefore, this project will contribute to the promotion of smart solutions for better management of local finances and improved transparency.   To be able to pay through the system, the taxi driver must have an orange money account. To make the payment, he must select from his mobile phone the operation to be done (payment or verification). Then, he enters the following information (number, amount, fees, validity). To confirm the payment, he must enter his secret code after the operation; he will receive a confirmation message.

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