Title: A low cost city sustainability initiative promoting clean and healthy living by transforming city waste to wealth
Location: Abuja
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Date Published: June 27, 2018, 9:26 a.m.


s far back as 2013, the Abuja Environment Protection Board reported that the city produced 500 tonnes of refuse daily. The productive process of the nearly 3million city residents in one of the fastest growing cities in the world constrains existing infrastructures such as housing, roads, energy and water. The existing solution of involving the deployment of waste collection trucks on designated routes/days of the week results in overflow of dump sites and, frequent littering of streets. The waste collected is dumped in open dumpsites without any form of treatment of the waste. Even more, the waste is not separated from source, thereby promoting health hazards and possible epidemic outbreaks. Our solution recognizes that the keeping our environment clean and safe is a complex process involving the participation of multiple players, including private citizens, businesses and agencies of the Abuja Municipal Area Council. We are putting a lot of emphasizes on formal and informal policies and practices to promote behavioral changes as well as institutionalize new processes of sustainable waste production and management.   Our solution involves the Food, Energy and Waste Efficiency System(FEWES) Technology approach to waste management, from a holistic point of generation to conversion of same into valuable products as, biofuels, industrial raw materials and organic fertilizers, while reducing the amount of Green Gas (CO2 and CH4) released into the atmosphere   Smart waste Management systems can increase efficiency and improve the quality of waste collection services leading to Operational cost reduction and improve environmental and health safety.

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