Title: Interview Vijay Jagannathan - Secretary General CityNet
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Categories: Interview

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Population: 10 | HDI: 0.898 | Annual budget: None | Expenditure per capita: None | Source of the socio-economic indicators: None
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Date Published: July 26, 2017, 9:40 p.m.


bout CityNet: Established in 1987, CityNet is an association of urban stakeholders that gathers 135 municipalities, NGOs, private companies and research centres. CityNet’s mission is to connect urban actors to exchange knowledge and build commitment to more sustainable and resilient cities across the Asia Pacific region. Through capacity building, city-to-city cooperation and tangible projects, CityNet helps its members respond to Climate Change, Disaster, the Sustainable Development Goals and rising Infrastructure demands.

1. According to you, what are key characteristics of the Asian context regarding SMART technologies? And how have Asian cities been using SMART technologies to positively impact municipal finances?

2. In your opinion, what are the main challenges that local governments in the region face when developing SMART projects?

3. Based on your experience, what advice and recommendations would you give to cities wishing to engage in SMART projects to improve municipal finances?

4. Please mention examples of CityNet activities regarding the use of SMART technologies in Asian cities.