Name: District Oversight Office, Bogota, Colombia
Location: Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia

Date Published: June 27, 2017, 9:07 a.m.

La Veeduría Distrital de Bogotá  is a public entity at the local level, which works to exercise preventive control, promote social control, strengthen transparency and fight against corruption, for the improvement of the public administration of the District. In this way, it seeks to be recognized for its high technical, visible and incident capacity, thus strengthening the preventive control between the citizens and the district administration. La Veeduría Distrital has four delegated positions and two strategic projects:

Verified Delegation for Complaints and Complaints, carries out a follow-up to the District Public Policy for Citizenship Service (Decree197 of 2014), which guarantees the timely response of the responses of the district entities and summary investigations.

Veeduría Delegate for Contracting, Specific preventive work accompanying contractual processes that are designed by the District entities are made. Risk maps of contractual management are prepared to provide preventive support to district entities. Follow-up and evaluation processes are carried out on the project contracts and strategic project or program contracts are evaluated.

Delegated Audit for Administrative and Budgetary Efficiency, monitors budget execution, as well as the evolution of plans and sectoral policies. In addition, it facilitates the operation of the District Internal Control System.

Delegated Monitoring for Participation and Special Programs, monitor, evaluate and control the participation policies that link the district administration with the community, serves as a bridge between citizens and the Administration through participation mechanisms such as: The promotion of social control, promotes effective management accountability to meet citizen expectations and the efficient evolution of strategic projects and programs from strategic and specialized oversight. It also ensures that the peace agreements are oriented towards the city, taking into account that the agenda of 6 points of the agreement is marked in rural areas of conflict.

Strategic Project "Transparency, Right of Access to Public Information and Anti-Corruption Measures", contributes to strengthening the management of the District Administration, within the framework of meeting the criteria of transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness that drive the modernization of the administration in The entities of the Capital District. All these works, based on the public policy of transparency, integrity, and non-tolerance against corruption, the agenda for transparency in Bogota 2016-2019 and the application of Law 1712 of 2014.

LABcapital's Strategic Innovation Project for District Public Management seeks to provide the district administration of Bogotá with innovative ideas, methodologies, tools and good practices that affect the exercise of public management, the cycle of public policies and In the citizen control. To achieve this goal, three major components are developed: 1. Promotion of innovation in public management; 2. Strengthening of preventive social control through innovation initiatives; 3. Analysis and evaluation of public policies with innovative components.