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Name: Send a City, Spain
Location: Madrid, Spain
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Date Published: July 23, 2017, 6:23 p.m.

Send a City is a nonprofit planning office that aims to bring prosperity and well-being to underserved rural populations by providing an Integrating Basic Framework - physical and virtual - for the inclusion and interaction of all infrastructure systems.

Send a City’s methodology includes five stages:

  1. Analysis to establish the community’s assets, deprivations, challenges and opportunities.
  2. Benchmarking to assign a prosperity rating.
  3. Identification of infrastructure systems that ought to be strengthened to improve the specific prosperity rating.
  4. Design and procurement of an action plan - focused on the identified infrastructure systems - that includes the design of a service provision and a financial return.
  5. Project management over an agreed period of time to ensure technical well-functioning, monitor skills transfer and project returns.

The timeframe for the project delivery is shorter than usual (stage 1. to 4. in less than a year) due to the site-independent nature of the project that allows part of it to be pre-designed, thus entailing cost benefits as well. Other project benefits include land development, carbon and water neutrality, food security, increased income, improved education and jobs creation. The most interesting benefit though is to contribute toward well-equipped and well-connected rural communities that can profit from both, their own resources and the new tech opportunities arising around the world (e-learning, remote diagnosis, virtual marketplaces etc.).

Send a City founders are architects and urban planners with over twenty years building experience and more than 40 projects delivered in 12 countries / 3 continents.


Vision and experience on cities and technology

New information technologies play an essential role in development due primarily to their reduced costs and real time delivery, but also, because they allow communities to be connected.

Send a City’s Framework is a system designed to contain all the systems a community requires to become self-sustaining and self-organising. The relationship between these systems is the real driver for success and not so much so the integrating systems themselves, which can be anything as long as they are kept in a balanced relationship to each other. If a community develops a sub-system that is interesting and efficient, it can be exported and applied to another community, even far away, providing that both use the same framework. This allows community-developed practices to travel fast and far thus speeding prosperity across the globe.

Send a City seeks to use open source technologies giving priority to locally developed solutions.