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Date Published: July 23, 2017, 3:56 p.m.

Île-de-France Regional Council, based in Paris, has 208 members elected by direct universal suffrage.The Regional Council consists of an executive, a regional assembly and an administration which is responsible for executing decisions. Alongside

the administration, the CESER plays a consulting role. 

The Regional Council’s executive consists of the President as well as 15 Vice-Presidents each in charge of a specific area of expertise (finance, transport,

etc.). The President prepares and executes the decisions of the regional assembly, manages the assets, refers matters to the Economic, Social and

Environmental Regional Council (CESER), and manages the regional administration

More than 1800 people work in the administration services of the different departments responsible for implementing and applying the decisions

of the assembly and executive. As a result of decentralisation, the technical staff from secondary schools (building maintenance, canteens,

etc.), representing almost 8500 officials, joined the Regional Council in 2007.