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Location: Piar, Bolívar, Venezuela
Proyectos Integradores, C.A (PROYINTEG)

Date Published: Aug. 2, 2017, 4:21 p.m.

Since 2002, Proyectos Integradores CA has created its Innova 6.0 (software) solution, bringing with it the perfect product for municipal governments to increase efficiency in terms of collection, which in turn allows an economically strong Municipal Power. The company found in SAP applications, the resources to adapt and substantially improve those processes of collection of municipal taxes. Municipalities such as Iribarren - Lara State (2002), Maturín - Monagas State (2004), Heres - Bolívar State (2008) and Sotillo - Anzoátegui State (2010), have experienced the benefits of using SAP to improve the collection of levies through this solution our Innova 6.0.


The experience of Proyectos Integradores CA indicates that what we know how to do, we do it well, that is why Proyinteg from the beginning has had the support of large companies and institutions that after the arduous work we call "the perfect solution".

 Proyinteg has achieved a taxpayer-oriented service with efficient, effective and auditable processes, integrated revenue accounting and the attenuation of revenue leakage. Objectives that have been highly achieved in each of the projects that have been implemented in different regions of Venezuela, specifically in the East.

 The successful strategy of Proyinteg has been based on obtaining a more detailed view of taxpayers and thus achieving a lifelong relationship, taking into account that tax management must be focused on the citizen, their needs and expectations.

 The most successful case of Proyectos Integradores CA begins during 2004 in Maturín, capital of Monagas state, being a municipality whose economic activity is basically focused on oil production, and the population does not exceed 800 thousand people. In this jurisdiction over a period of four years (2004-2008), collection processes increased by more than six hundred percent (600%).

 The tax collection rates rose in such a way that the collection figures reflected in two million bolivares per month rose rapidly to reach 21 million bolivars per month in a four-year cycle. The same phenomenon occurred in the Iribarren municipality of Lara state during 2002, where the municipal tax collection processes rose by more than 500 percent, this being the pilot municipality with the SAP application. 

 After Maturín, in 2008 after a year of preparatory and tax census Proyectos Integradores CA, assumes the responsibility of promoting the collection of the Heres municipality in the Bolívar state, city where tax collection rates have increased 235 percent respectively after the arrival of the company. Heres is currently in a continuous growth stage.

 Nowadays, the successful solution Innova 6.0 of Proyinteg is being implemented in the Juan Antonio Sotillo municipality of Anzoátegui state.

 In Puerto La Cruz, tax collection increased by 36 percent, with only the census of taxpayers during the months of March, April, May and June 2010.

 In October of that same year, we opened the most modern Taxpayer Assistance Center in Venezuela, equipped with 1,500 square meters of offices, 25 Tax Analysts who were trained and trained for six consecutive months and most importantly, a modern and successful taxpayer system. collection based on the well-known German platform SAP / R3, which is based on the Innova 6.0 Solution.

 Entered the month of February 2011 the municipality Sotillo obtained an increase in the collection of taxes by 50 percent. 

During ten years of trajectory Proyectos Integradores CA and its software have achieved in the City Hall with which it has worked, the total integration that goes from the revenue for collection concept to the expense that is the timely control of the resources, leaving integrated the areas and in this way the success of the operation. Each of the works we do is based on a concept of efficiency and transparency; That is our motto, that is the north.

 SAP is the world leader in business software, offering applications and services that allow organizations to manage their needs in a more efficient way. SAP offers transparency and efficiency in all processes, thus improving performance in a unified line of action.

Proyectos Integradores CA uses SAP / R3 , through our Innova 6.0 solution , created for the promotion and improvement of municipal tax collection processes.

Currently in the world there is a pressing need to secure funds to meet the fiscal challenges of governments and, at the same time, coordinate with political objectives to focus more on the citizen.

Under this premise Proyectos Integradores CA creates its Innova 6.0 solution , which brings with it the perfect product for municipal governments to increase revenue, which in turn allows the so-called administrative coffers to be strengthened by the critical economic processes that are experienced. in the world today.

In these images we graphically demonstrate the service structure of the regular Venezuelan city halls, their difficulties and our proposed solution.