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Municipio de Sousa (Túnez)

Date Published: June 19, 2017, 10:55 a.m.

Sousse is located in the center-east of Tunisia. The center of the Tunisian Sahel region. Known as the Jewel of the Coast. The Tunisian coast is an area of about 170 km between Boufiche and the village and approximately 25 km between Sousse, Sidi El Hani and Sousse, a coastal city overlooking the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Its sandy coastlines are suitable for marine commercial activity, fishing activity and tourism activity. 

Its topography consists of low-altitude plains and grasslands and its lands are suitable for agricultural activity and for raising livestock such as sheep, cattle, goats and poultry. Its Mediterranean climate is moderate. And the quantities of rain coming down the range between 250 and 400 mm per year. 

The city is surrounded by a dense urban network, estimated to be about 5 km in length, and the largest surrounding cities in terms of population are housing (the center of the municipality), Monastir (state center), Mahdia (state center) and other cities such as Hammam Sousse, the small castle and the Grand Citadel.


The city of sousse has a smart city project ongoing called the public lighting network renovation project.