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Date Published: July 23, 2017, 10:46 a.m.

Activities local digital government of Cartago

Local organization in charge of the administration and providing of the basic services to the citizen: potable water, cleaning of the streets, sewage system, waste collection, communitary security, among others. On top of that, the collect of the different tributs decided by law: licence fees, building permit, property, parking, ressources distributed in the investment of prioritary infrastructure investment and improving of the services (public value).

Demographic urban data:

  • Province of Cartago
  • Population: 157 794 inhabitants
  • 11 districts
  • Population density: 548 inhabitants per km
  • Superficy: 287.77 square km
  • 88% of urban dwellers

Socio economic data:

According to the results of the IFED (Cantonal data, 2015), of the supreme tribunal of elections of Costa Rica, study on different variables and statistic data refering to the social and economic development of the different cantons and districts of the country, the canton of Cartago is presented as one of the cantons with the best results at a national level, showing very positive results: third position in IGM (indice of municipal management), indicator that shows the efficiency of the local government, underlining its competitivity and low level of poverty, and got very good results in terms of human development and equal opportunities. This convergence implies that our canton has a relatively uniform level of development. From 2007 until today, the IDS had an important growth in the 11 districts of the canton (average 10.8%), reaching 70% of total progression.