Name: FEMP - Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces
Location: Madrid, Spain

Date Published: June 14, 2017, 12:32 p.m.

The Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) is the Association of Local Entities with the highest level of government, which includes City Councils, County Councils, Councils and Island Councils, a total of 7,324, representing more than 90% of the Spanish Local Governments.


Constituted under the provisions of Additional Provision Five of Law 7/1985, of April 2, Regulating the Bases of Local Regime, was declared as Public Utility Association by means of Agreement of Council of Ministers of June 26, 1985 .


The FEMP is the Spanish Section of the Council of Municipalities and Regions of Europe (CEMR) and the official headquarters of the Ibero-American Organization for Inter-municipal Cooperation (OICI).


The foundational and statutory purposes of the FEMP are: the promotion and defense of the autonomy of the Local Entities; the representation and defense of the general interests of the Local Entities before other Public Administrations; the development and consolidation of the European spirit at the local level, based on autonomy and solidarity between Local Authorities; the promotion and favoring of friendship and cooperation relations with Local Entities and their organizations, especially in the European, Ibero-American and Arabic spheres; the provision, directly or through companies or entities, of all kinds of services to the Local Corporations or the entities dependent on these and any other purpose that directly or indirectly affects the Federation's associates.


The Federation is governed by two fundamental internal rules: the Statutes, approved at the Eleventh Plenary Session, and the Internal Regulations.



Network of Local Entities for Transparency and Citizen Participation

The FEMP, through its Governing Board, is launching this initiative at its meeting on February 24, with the perspective that by the end of this year, Law 19/2013 on transparency, access for local governments will come into force. to information and good governance, and meet their requirements is a challenge, but also an opportunity to advance, which will undoubtedly be better addressed by sharing approaches and resources. Therefore, the Network of Local Entities for Transparency and Citizen Participation was born to promote innovation and permanent improvement of the relationship between local governments and citizens under the principles of Open Government and through the exchange of experiences, lifelong learning, working in a network and developing projects.

Its inspiring VALUES are integrity, the will to seek solutions, collaboration and exchange, learning and commitment to social innovation. 

Its general objectives are: 

Local governments

1.- Promote the advancement of policies of transparency, participation and effective citizen collaboration in the set of local Spanish entities to achieve stable coexistence frameworks that favor the economic and social development of the territories. Citizenship / Society 

2.- Facilitate the exercise of rights of access to information and participation to citizens and society, at the local level, seeking involvement and commitment to public action.

Public value

3.- Strengthen and increase the confidence of citizens in local governments , assuming good governance commitments and carrying out exemplary practices in the areas of accountability, participation in decision-making and design and evaluation of public services . They can be Holders of the Network all the Local Entities integrated in the FEMP, which manifest, through the corresponding agreement adopted by the Plenary of the Corporation, their express wish to adhere to the Network of Local Entities for Transparency and Citizen Participation and to fulfill its statutory purposes.