Name: Analítica Pública, Spain
Location: Madrid, Spain

Date Published: June 13, 2017, 7:17 p.m.

Analítica Pública is a company specializing in analytics and digital marketing for public administrations, with an emphasis on improving the relationship between public authorities and citizens in the digital environment. We offer strategy and digital transofrmation services, communication strategy, analysis and optimization of webs and digital public services, service innovation and digital transformation.


New technologies basically allow us to do much more than we had ever imagined we could do. However, technological evolution has overflowed the rhythm of public organizations to generate a discourse of service to the citizenship articulated on them. Nowadays they are used enormously, but I think we must emphasize the interest in offering value to citizens in all areas of local government relations (such as government, administration, as a service provider and as a political community). That is why we must promote the use of technology but, at the same time, the reflection of it.

  • Digital transformation

The Administration has the answers for its digital transformation. The knowledge of the people who work in them, their professional capacity and their aspiration of public service are the basis for this. To achieve this, it is necessary to start integrating the knowledge and passion of people with the techniques that drive the digital world. In Public Analytics we help you to move towards an Administration adapted to the digital world.

  •  Digital Strategy

The digital world is fast, dynamic and complex. Not adapting the activity of the organization to these characteristics is a source of problems. And the bad thing about the internet is that problems grow fast and reach a lot of people. In Public Analytics we help you to transform the objectives of the organization into a guide for digital action.

Finding new answers to the usual problems is possible. Therefore, we use the Lean  methodology to work with the people of the organization and give an innovative approach to public services. We look for a critical service, we build it and measure its result to see what works and what does not before putting everything in motion.

  • Data culture

Data is only important if it is used to change things. For this, the data must be useful for the work of the people and, in addition, manageable. In Public Analytics we help you define what data each person in the organization must know and how they can interpret it to make decisions.