Brussels 2018 - Using data to empower cities and their citizens

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Date Published: Nov. 21, 2017, 12:16 p.m.

Brussels 2018 - Using data to empower cities and their citizens


he 2018 Uraia Citizenship Series "Using data to empower cities and their citizens" was hosted by the Brussels Capital Region on 30 and 31st May 2018, in collaboration with CIRB (Computer Center for the Brussels Region). It brought together 67 representatives of local governments, national governments, international organizations, research institutes and the private sector.  

This year Uraia Citizenship Series workshop focused on how cities around the world are leveraging the power of SMART technologies to provide a more effective public service delivery and drive a positive impact on citizens´ lives. 

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The main objective of the workshop was to identify how local governments are using big and open data in city management. The following questions guided the discussion:

  • How cities can make use of big data to provide better public services in benefit of citizens?
  • How big data can be leveraged to optimize city operations and reinforce municipal finance?
  • How cities can effectively utilize big data to draft better policies?
  • How to incentivize the creative use of data by the local ecosystem (citizens, startups, entrepreneurs, developers, academia, etc) and create a virtuous innovation cycle?
  • How open data can be used to foster transparency and promote economic development?
  • How to deal with the multi-level and multi-stakeholder governance issues related to privacy and legal frameworks?


The panelists and participants explored aspects of innovative solutions on four different thematic trails, the projects of each trail can be accessed in the links below. The pictures, concept note, final program and presentations are shared on the bottom of the page.

Thematic trail BLUE – the financial and economic impact of big and open data in cities

Thematic trail GREEN: The impact of open and big data in the lives of citizens

Thematic trail ORANGE – Data as a meaningful instrument for city participation and city efficiency

Thematic trail MAGENTA – Governing data: who does what?