Santander 2014 - SMART technologies for municipal sustainability


Date Published: June 30, 2017, 10:50 a.m.

Santander 2014 - SMART technologies for municipal sustainability


he first activity of Uraía took place in Santander. The activity took stock of the needs of cities all over the world and acted as a need assessment and market place to further develop the ideas of the project.

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The goal of this pilot Project is to support both cities in developing and industrialized countries in their challenge to introduce SMART technologies for public management. The project will create a world network to exchange experiences and will develop concrete apps able to help municipalities to better manage their municipal finances.


  • Need assessment for the participant cities in relation with the implementation of SMART technologies in the municipal finances field
  • Identification of the areas of interest for the development of pilot apps. In principle, two sectors have been identified for initial discussion:
  • Collection and treatment of urban solid waste ­ Control of illegal construction
  • Launch of the global network on SMART municipal finance
  • Identification of the more frequent challenges for the implementation of SMART technologies to public management, with special attention to procurement process and the normative aspects of municipal fiscal management
  • Networking space for the participant cities and the private sector (with special focus on technological service providers and telephonic companies)
  • Study visit to the experience of the host city of Santander in implementing SMART technologies, analysis of the experience of Smart Santander and identification of lessons learnt


The participation of representatives of national governments, private sector, universities and sectorial experts.