Mashhad 2019- Increasing municipal revenue with SMART solutions


Date Published: July 16, 2019, 10:43 a.m.

Mashhad 2019- Increasing municipal revenue with SMART solutions


uring this 2019 event on Increasing municipal revenues with SMART solutions, participants will be invited to discuss and identify the trending topics and challenges regarding the current use of SMART technologies and its impacts on the municipal budget and management that are shaping the daily life of cities.

They will analyse and compare what are the inspiring and replicable experiences, and specifically how cities can improve municipal revenue by improving tax collection and generate savings with a specific focus on water management.

The workshop will be organized through peer to peer exchanges along with dialogues with practitioners from the private sector, investment, research and experts, in order to organize multi-stakeholders and multi-sectorial dialogues to create a shared culture of working and co-production of solutions to specific cases.

The objectives of this workshop are the following

1.      To offer a space to exchange experiences among peers and practitioners: city managers, decision-  makers, technology providers, NGOs and community representatives.

2.      To share trends and inspiring practices regarding the application of SMART technologies to cities.

3.      To highlight common challenges faced by city managers.

4.      To establish key recommendations and lessons learned.

5.      To strengthen local governments’ capacities for innovation in public management.

6.      To exchange support and collaboration in implementing efforts to create SMART investments

7.      To identify new opportunities to “build with” and “govern with” city residents.

8.      To establish collaboration between participating cities at the to assist leaders with the implementation of new initiatives

9.      To elaborate a final publication integrating conclusions of the discussions and compilation of best practices

INcreasing municipal Revenue with Smart Solutions, 2-5 December, Mashhad, Iran