Date Published: Oct. 19, 2017, 8:02 a.m.



he Uraia platform is currently gathering recommendations and experiences from city managers around the world on how to best apply SMART technologies to municipal management through video interviews. These interviews are part of a wider communication strategy to create awareness of the work that we promote and it is best articulated by the city managers who implement these technologies on a daily basis

What to do?

  • Submit video Interviews on your experiences and recommendation on the use of SMART technologies in municipal management. 

How to do it?

  • Record a 3-5min video and send us with the following questions answered. 

The questions are meant to guide but can be adjusted according to each particular experience.

  • Present yourself (name and position within the institution).
  • Present your institution (give short and general characteristics of your city, location, population, etc.).
  • Why does your city/institution believe that smart technologies can contribute to improving municipal management?
  • What are the main accomplishments/services of your city/institution regarding the use of SMART technologies in municipal management? 
  • Mention one specific project that has brought interesting results (goals of the projects, achievements, difficulties).
  • What would you say to other cities around the world that wish to implement SMART initiatives regarding the main challenges you have encountered and the key elements that ensured the success of SMART initiatives?


  • Please send all videos to agyedho.adwok at uraia .org via wetransfer.
  • All videos will be posted on the uraia website and Youtube channel.