Uraía counts with a multi-disciplinary team based in different regions of the world. We work closely with cities and their partners in sharing and analyzing experiences about the use of SMART technologies for a more effective municipal management. Should you want to know more, we are always available at info @

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Head, Local governments, UN-HABITAT

Diana A. López Caramazana (Head, Local governments, UN-HABITAT)

Diana is the Head of the Local government and decentralization Unit at UN-HABITAT. She is passionate about the role that local and regional governments play to achieve sustainable and inclusive development. She is Spanish and currently lives in Nairobi, Kenya. Her main areas of expertise are the local governance aspects of global agendas, municipal management and innovation in public administration. Contact: diana.lopez(a)

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Executive Director of FMDV

Jean-François Habeau (Executive Director of FMDV)

Jean-François is the Executive Director of the FMDV. He is based in FMDV headquarters, in Paris, France and has an extensive expertise in local finance and local investment but also in PPPs, climate finance and a strong experience of working with public entities and financial & technical partners. Contact: jfhabeau(a)

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Expert on Localizing the SDGs

Fabienne Perucca (Expert on Localizing the SDGs)

Fabienne works in the Local Government and Decentralization Unit at UN HABITAT. She is French and is based in Manila, Philippines.Her main areas of expertise are urban and metropolitan governance, access to basic services and municipal management. She can be contacted at fabienne.perucca(a)