Citizenship Series

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Brussels 2018 - Using data to empower cities and their citizens

30/May/2018 to 31/May/2018,Brussels

The 2018 Uraia Citizenship Series "Using data to empower cities and their citizens" was hosted ...


Oslo 2015 - Public Private Partnerships for SMART city management

12/Jun/2015 to 14/Jun/2015,Oslo, Norway

One of the main challenges identified by local governments in the use of SMART technologies ...


Madrid 2017 - Transparent and accountable cities

08/Feb/2017 to 16/Feb/2017,Madrid

Uraía organized its annual "Citizenship Series" in Madrid from 8 to 10th February 2017. This ...

City Solutions

Uraia bruxelles

Uraía city solutions catalogue

20/Feb/2019 to 31/May/2019,Paris

We are launching a new Uraía initiative to share city solution on our online inspiring ...


UN-Habitat is hiring a coordinator for the Uraia platform in Malaga !

24/Jan/2019 to 30/Jan/2019,Malaga - Spain

From February 15th to October 15th 2019 (8 months)Under the guidance and supervision of the ...


10/Jan/2019 to 10/Jan/2015,Spain - Malaga

The City of Malaga, in Spain has been selected to host the Uraía Secretariat for ...