• Nicosia Guidelines 2016 - The impact of SMART technologies in the municipal budget: increased revenue and reduced expenses for better public services

    "The impact of SMART technologies in the municipal budget: increase revenue and reduce expenses for better public services" is the result of the 2016 Citizenship Series held in Nicosia, Cyprus. The Guidelines analyze trends and opportunities regarding existing technological solutions, available to cities today, and also risks, challenges and lessons learned. Each chapter comprises city case studies, as well as interviews with key actors, and concludes with recommendations about the elements that enable the success of SMART initiatives. 

    Chapter 1 - Digital government

    Chapter 2 - Transparency and citizen engagement

    Chapter 3 - Energy efficiency of municipal assets

    Chapter 4 - Efficiency of public services and infrastructures


  • Oslo guidelines 2015 - Public-Private Partnerships for SMART city management

    This document is the result of the discussions held during Uraía first Citizenship Series which took place in Oslo in June 2015. It gathers general recommendations on the cooperation of cities with the private sector in the field of SMART and it is and is based on the participants’ experiences.