Open call to host the Uraía Platform Secretariat

Date Published: Oct. 16, 2018, 8 a.m.

Open call to host the Uraía Platform Secretariat


he Uraía Platform is looking for a city or institution happy to host the Uraia Secretariat for a total of 2 years (2019 – 2020).

The Uraía Platform was developed jointly by the Local Government Unit of UN-Habitat and FMDV, the Global Fund for the development of cities. Activities started in 2014 sponsored by the Governments of Spain, Norway and Sweden. In year 2018, the funds provided by the Swedish International Development Agency are coming to an end, and the project is looking for a new host able to support the cost of the Secretariat and lead the platform for the next two years.

Uraia is a globally recognized platform for cities, local governments and their partners, including private sector, and is dedicated to demonstrate how SMART technologies are contributing to improve municipal finance and management. The Platform counts today with 100 members and has produced knowledge and delivered workshops about how public administrations introduce innovation in their daily management of cities. All the information about the Platform is available at

The consolidation phase of the platform being finalized, UN-Habitat and FMDV are calling for a new host of the secretariat of the Platform while staying as founders and strategic partners, providing guidance, accompanying the transition and bringing new ideas for future developments.

Hosting the Uraía Secretariat involves the following responsibilities:

  • Manage the communication system, including updating the website, the twitter account and the mobile app. Not including staff time, this responsibility will need to be covered by the Secretariat for an estimated maintenance cost of 3.000 USD per year.
  • Producing content related to innovation, including identifying documents and populating the website and the twitter account
  • Support the organization of the annual event “Citizenship Series”. This workshop, of two days duration, focus each year in a theme of interest of the Uraía members. The workshop is usually sponsored by a third party who covers the costs of travel and accommodation for speakers, interpretation, meeting rooms and meals. The normal cost of one Citizenship Series for the host city variates between 40 and 50.000 USD. This should not be covered by the institution hosting the Secretariat but the hosting city. The secretariat will provide the necessary staff to support the event organization.
  • Elaborate the annual Guidelines and the report following the annual workshop.
  • Translate produced the Uraía materials into English, French and Spanish

It is estimated that, apart from the cost of covering the website and communications, that need to be in cash, the Secretariat can be covered by two staffers, part time, able to work in the three languages of Uraia: French, English and Spanish.

The condition of hosting the secretariat is that the Platform remains free for their member cities (no fees may be requested to be either Hub Cities or members).

The hosting organization can be a local or regional government, an association or network of local government or any program related to smart cities managed by a public entity.

Any interested organization should send their proposal to by November 30th 2018.

Proposals should include:

  • description of the entity/organization
  • description of the experience in coordinating a platform, a program with cities or any related
  • description of the capacity of the organization in hosting the secretariat and developing the activities.